Alexander Bernstein

Principal research scientist

Post-docs & Research staff

Alexey Artemov

3D deep learning team lead
Deep learning for geometric computing

Andrey Lange

Senior researcher

Emil Bogomolov

Research engineer
DensePose for human pose estimation

Gleb Bobrovskikh

Deep learning for RGB-D restoration and learnable geometry

Ilya Trofimov

Project Manager / Research Advisor
Neural Architecture Search, Data Reduction for AutoML

PhD students

Albert Matveev

PhD student
Learnable geometric features

Aleksandr Safin

PhD student
Deep learning for generative models

Alexandr Notchenko

PhD student
Deep learning systems for Inverse Graphics problems

Denis Volkhonskiy

PhD student
Deep learning for 3D data processing

Ekaterina Kondrateva

PhD Student
ML applications for neuroimaging

Evgenii Egorov

Master of probability
MCMC, Optimizations, Bayesian methods in machine learning

Nikita Klyuchnikov

PhD student
Multi fidelity active search

Nina Mazyavkina

PhD Student
Neural architecture search for reinforcement learning, digital predistortion

Oleg Voynov

PhD student
Deep learning for range image processing

Rodrigo Rivera-Castro

Jack of all trades
Working on #UnsupervisedLearning #Causality #TDA for #TimeSeries

Savva Ignatiev

PhD student
3D scene alignment with deep learning

Vage Egiazarian

PhD student
Deep learning for image vectorization

Vladislav Ishimtsev

PhD Student
3d scene understanding and shape fitting

MSc and BSc students

Aleksandr Pletnev

Msc. Student
Graph neural network for model recommendation using time series data

Alexey Bokhovkin

Msc. Student
3D scene understanding and shape fitting

Ivan Maksimov

Msc. Student
Graph neural networks for recommender systems

Maria Kolos

Msc. Student
Sharp features, differential rendering & SLAM

Maria Taktasheva

Msc. Student
Learnable geometric features

Polina Pilyugina

Msc. Student
Topological data analysis for time series clustering and classification

Ruslan Rakhimov

Msc. Student
DensePose for human pose estimation, graph neural networks

Vadim Selyutin

Msc. Student
Neural architecture search for time series analysis

Vladislav Zhuzhel

Msc. Student
Causality for time series data