Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering Group
Moscow, Russia

About us

Advanced Data Analytics in Science and Engineering (ADASE) research group focused on the development of machine learning methods The group is led by Associate Professor Evgeny Burnaev and consists of academic experts, doctoral students and developers.


Research highlights

Our core areas of expertise include state-of-the-art industrial analytics, machine learning for neuroimaging data with real-world medical applications, and deep learning for 3D geometry processing and understanding.

Deep Learning for Predictive analytics

We develop (deep) machine learning models for predictive analysis of complex engineering systems.

Our predictive analytics projects

Deep Learning for Neuroimaging data

A group working on applied biomedical problems focused on large-scale multimodal neuroimaging data analysis.

Our research

Deep Learning for 3D Data Analysis

We develop deep network architectures that operate on 3D geometric data such as meshes and point clouds, and apply them to solve relevant tasks in computer vision and geometry processing.

Our geometry processing projects


We collaborate tightly with our industry partners to develop novel solutions powered by Machine Learning for many sectors.

Our research


E-mail: adase